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Arrowood Winery: The first Winery Visit

As noted in the previous blog, I will be discussing each of the wineries noted in the order we visited.  I hope this will give some background information as I talk about some of the wines in future blogs.  Today I am focusing on the experience at Arrowood — and what a great experience it was!

ARROWOOD Vineyards and Winery  (Great Experience !)

Arrowood Vineyards & Winery

Arrowood Vineyards & Winery

Located in the Sonoma Valley (Glenn Edwards, CA), it was just a few minutes drive from Sonoma.   As we arrived, the beautiful setting with a house-like feel to it, made us feel as if we were walking into a family setting.  The veranda, with casual seating all around gave way to the beautiful view of the vineyards and the Sonoma mountains…truly breath-taking.  We were welcomed by name, as we had made an appointment, and proceeded on the tour.  Bea McIntosh took us on our private tour and took special efforts to explain the whole process since she knew this was our first visit ever to any winery.  We started with a walk out to the Crush Pad area where she explained how the berries are separated from the stem and then crushed.  She explained the remaining process and it was clear to me that the passion behind the wine-making is clearly present.  Richard Arrowood is Arrowood’s Winemaster and his experience and passion for wine does run through the wines produced.  I had heard this to be the case but once we began the tasting experience, it was clear — the wines are quality wines.

Touring onsite Arrowood Vineyard

Touring onsite Arrowood Vineyard

The tour itself was casual and relaxing and Bea must have had wine before encountering us because we had a lot of basic questions that she actually enjoyed answering! It was nice to hear that her goal was to educate us as much as possible and she did a great job explaining the various steps.  Taking special efforts to explain Arrowood’s way of crafting wines and their own style became apparent — I actually appreciate it more now than I did during the tour.  Being able to see and experience the quality behind the wines is part of this total wine experience.  We continued into the Vineyard and Bea explained the process and how the vines are tended and the process of harvesting the grapes.

Next, we went into the tasting room and were shown a map that illustrated the areas that Arrowood berries come from.  Then to the tasting which was great.  We tasted 6 wines as we sat at a large table looking out towards the vineyard at a very casual pace.  We did taste a couple of other wines we were interested in.  Bea’s knowledge of the various wines was impressive and prompted us to try those wines we had not tasted in years.  In my case, it was Rose.  I had not had a glass of Rose in years and this Rose was nothing like I had tasted before, I actually liked it!  No, I actually loved it!  We truly enjoyed the tasting experience as there was no pressure at all as there were no efforts to push us to buy anything. Of course, the order cards and wine club information was available but it was not pushed on us.

View from Arrowood Vineyard to Visitors Center

View from Arrowood Vineyard to Visitors Center

We felt comfortable throughout the entire experience and learned a lot about Arrowood and the wines they craft.  The entire experience was fantastic and I urge anyone traveling to this area to make the time to stop by Arrowood.  You will truly enjoy the experience and I think that after tasting the wines, you will enjoy them for years to come…as I will.

We did join the wine club and continue to enjoy being a member.   We also bought 6 bottles at the winery:  (2) 2005 Late Harvest Riesling — (very yummy), (2) 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Monte Rosso Vineyard and (2) 2007 La Rose, Saralee’s Vineyard.  The Rose really surprised me as I really am not a Rose fan but this one….well, it is great!  Arrowood’s Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley, Reserve Speciale is known by many as their “flagship wine” and I have since bought the 1999 and 2004 which are both fantastic wines which are highly rated, and deservedly so.

After our tasting, we sat back and relaxed on the  veranda with a beautiful view of the vineyards below and the Sonoma Mountain above. The entire experience is fantastic!

View from Arrowood's veranda

View from Arrowood's veranda


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