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Quivira Winery: Visiting a Sister (Winery)

November 13, 2009 1 comment

As my wife and I are Tandem Wine Club Members  La Follette Club Members — and as Quivira Winery and Tandem La Follettee are related (“sister wineries”) — we decided to swing by Quivira Winery after our visit to Michel-Schlumberger — an easy five-minute drive away.  As some background, my wife and I were introduced to Tandem Wines in July 2008 at a restaurant known then as The General’s Daughter located in Sonoma — the restaurant has since been sold and reopened under the new name “Estate” and is now more of an Italian restaurant.   Getting back to my short story, the sommelier recommended that we try Tandem’s 2005 Peloton as she told us, “the interesting thing about Peloton is the blend changes each year yet it consistently is a good tasting quality wine” — I totally agree.  I have found that I have enjoyed the blend from 2003 through 2005 with the 2005 Peloton being my favorite.  The photo below is Tandem’s 2007 Manchester Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir which is a wine I wrote about earlier and illustrates Tandem’s label should you be unfamiliar their wine.


Tandem: 2007 Pinot Noir (Manchester Ridge Vineyard)

I assume you are wondering how the visit to Quivira Winery is relevant to a Tandem Wine club member.  In January 2009 Greg La Follette (Tandem) agreed to take on a new majority partner, Wine Creek, founded and owned by Pete Kight.  Pete Kight is also the owner of Quivira Winery thus establishing the relationship between the two.  Jennifer Rolander, Direct Sales Manager for both Quivira and Tandem, was so kind as to arrange a quick last-minute tasting for my wife and I.  In our haste I forgot to take any photos, however the Quivira wines we tasted were delightful and the staff in the tasting room were great.  Jennifer poured a variety of wines for us, including the highly rated 2006 Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley) along with the 2007 Grenache  (Dry Creek Valley) and a Sauvignon Blanc — we enjoyed all of the wines.    On our visit, we were fortunate enough to meet Pete Kight and he did reaffirm that Greg La Follette, who heads up Tandem’s wine-making and viticulture, is now able to focus on his passion:  crafting fantastic wines without having to worry about all the business trappings.

This was a quick visit but I am glad we took the time to introduced ourselves to Quivira wines.  The winery is in beautiful Dry Creek Valley and should be visited if you are in the area.

I have to further acknowledge the outstanding customer service as provided by Jennifer Rolander.  Not only did she arrange her schedule to accommodate our visit she has since worked with me to reduce the shipping costs I incur by consolidating wine club shipments.  This may not seem to be a big deal but the cost savings to me will be significant — such that I can spend the money on what I enjoy — wine!  Most wineries I have spoken to have not been willing to even entertain the idea.  Cheers to delicious wine and great customer service!   These days, extra efforts towards customers is that special touch that sets a winery apart from the herd and Quivira / Tandem does an outstanding job due to Jennifer’s special touch.  Should you desire to follow Quivira on twitter they are @Quivirawinery.

Recommendation:  If you are in the Healdsburg area you should visit Quivira winery as they craft quality wines you will enjoy.  Make sure you make an appointment if you would like to take the tour and, as always, I suggest you take the tour if you have the time.  No appointment is necessary for the tasting room with a $5 tasting fee that is waived if you buy a bottle.

 Quivira Vineyards and Winery:  4900 West Dry Creek Road; Healdsburg, CA 95448


La Follette Winery (Tandem Winery) : 2007 Manchester Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir

August 30, 2009 2 comments

Great wine and food are synonymous with the Sonoma and Napa California areas.  In July 2008, when on a trip to Sonoma my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at The General’s Daughter restaurant (now known as “Estate”) and it is there that I tasted a Tandem wine for the first time.  The more I learn about Tandem Wines, the more I am impressed by what the winemaker, Greg La Follette crafts.

Tandem 2007 Manchester Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir

Tandem 2007 Manchester Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir (193 cases produced)

Last night we enjoyed the 2007 Manchester Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir (Mendocino Coast) as I could wait no longer to try it.  I bought this bottle in February 2009 and I did good to hold it these 6 months!  Dark Ruby red in color with raspberries and cranberry along with rhubarb on the nose.  Well balanced with the continuation of the berry fruit flavors with a soft finish ending with a subtle earthiness that is enjoyable.  Paired very well with the Kerrygold “Dubliner” cheese as the cheese has a nuttyness and a bit of a sweetness to it.   I love cheese and good cheese with such a nice wine, well it just creates another great memory.  The 2007 Manchester Ridge is a Pinot that I will serve again and I do suggest you try it should you have the opportunity to do so.  Fortunately, I had the insight to buy 2 bottles in February so I still have another bottle to enjoy at some other time  — lets see how long I can wait this time!

Until next time …